Homebound with United

Hey IFC!
I recently had an incredible adventure. Three weeks ago, I was flying for UVAL from IAH-HNL (I also have a thread for that flight IF trip report | United Boeing 772 | IAH-HNL). I arrived in Honolulu, and started looking for some challenging or adventurous flights I could do from Honolulu as UVAL, when I stumbled upon their island hopper! They have a incredibly unique flight where then hop along islands from Honolulu all the way to Guam! So I hopped in a 737-800 and started the journey.
Here are the screenshots of the trip!
First takeoff of the trip! With Honolulu’s “reef runway”

Right turn away from the island

A couple of random assorted pictures from the next few islands

About 3 islands in, I started to get pretty homesick, meaning I wanted to get back to a mainland US UA hub. So I continued onto Guam, picked up a Boeing 777, flew it up to Narita, then last night took off bound for a UA hub, I picked the nation’s capital IAD. Here are pictures for this final flight of the journey going to back home.

Flying over my home town

Home sweet home, back to an airport where I have 100+ destinations I can fly to. Home sweet home, or at least one of them😂

An clip from a poem perfectly defines the joy of this trip
Let’s soar above the mountains
And dance beneath the stars
Live the life we’re made for
Not just hanging out in cars

We are made for greater things
Not all will understand
The chance to touch the future
And to hold her in your hand

Let the dream continue

  • Robert Longley

I hope you all enjoyed!


Cool trip, cool pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @JulianB! I appreciate it!

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