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Hello I’ve been thinking about building a home cockpit but I don’t know where to get started I personally would like to build a Boeing 737 cockpit. If anyone has advice about this it would be much appreciated.


First of all, what’s your budget?

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You can watch some YouTube videos they show everything you need


It all depends on your budget. Like @CPT_Colorado said, there are tonnes of videos on youtube. Have fun!


I was thinking around 5000 to start out with

Where are you from? Just so I know how much that is in my currency

United States of America

Ok cool that’s 7.5K in Australia. First of all, I’m guessing you already have a capable PC?

I have a laptop that can run sims

But probably would need a pc sometime

Alright. Were you thinking of building a whole cockpit, or just a desk with a yoke etc.?

Do you want to take this to a PM just so no one gets heaps of notifications?

I was thinking of a whole functional cockpit

Would plywood from Home Depot be a cost effective way to build it

Yep that is how most people do it. You can find heaps of parts if you look around the internet. Do you still need my help or are you ok?

I’ll ask if I need more help later

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Alright good luck and have fun

I personally use a CyberPower (I’ll get back to you about the model) and that ran me about $900usd. It runs amazing with xp11 and quite high settings with OrthoPhoto scenery. If you’re looking to run MSFS2020 then you might have to drop the graphics slightly but overall it is probably a 8/10 for performance. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking to save some cash for flight sim addons.

Good luck with your project. Am sure you have done plenty of research all ready, but this link might help.

This is exactly what I’m looking for thank you

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