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Hey so I got a tip on the home screen that I can set an away mode for ATC to know I am away how do I do that?

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That is automatic. It initiates after 2 minutes without touching your screen


It happened a over time. Just don’t touch your Device. And it will come ip

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It is already set on their screen. only THEY can see that you’re away. You can see if other players are away.

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Adding to what people above said, here’s how we can know that you are away:
In the information about flight, we can see whether the user is active or away to the right of mach speed. This works for any aircraft on our radar.
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If the aircraft is on our frequency however, we could just look at the dot at the bottom right of ATC button - green means they are active and a dark circle with orange line around it means that the aircraft is away.

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If you will enable VNAV and it will start descending on a STAR, Approach and then interfere with the traffic, IFATC will try their best to work planes around you, but if all fails, 20.2 makes it so that the “unable to communicate” reason to report only disconnects you from the server and doesn’t affect your grade table. Neat!


Just a quick correction here…the 20.1 release included the addition of the “Unresponsive while climbing, descending, or maneuvering” violation. If VNAV causes you to descend into an active airspace while you’re away from your device and you end up interfering with another aircraft, this puts you at risk for a level 2 violation.

Please take care to monitor your flight when descending with VNAV, especially if you know that you’re headed towards an environment with active ATC.


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