Home screen not showing which gates are available for particular aircrafts

I know that on the homescreen when you select a particular aircraft and then go to an airport, it will show you the gates which are available for that plane in blue and the gates that are too small or unfit in red. However, with me it doesn’t happen and all the gates are blue. I’ve spawned so many times at a gate that is too small. Can someone please help?


This is only available for multiplayer. Are you perhaps on Single Player? :)

Yes, I fly on singleplayer, not the servers

There you have your answer then :) Gate restrictions isn’t a thing on Single Player.

Oh, ok! I hadn’t an idea of this. Thank you so much!

No worries! :)

But i tried now and it still doesn’t show available gates? This was on the casual server

Gate restrictions are mainly on the training and expert server and not on the casual

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Yes that I forgot to mention. Thanks for adding that :)

Oh okok thanks a lot!

No worries! :)

Your welcome!