Home Screen Inconsistencies [#1318]



Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.02.00 (455)

Device Information

iPhone 11
iOS 14


Infinite Flight’s home screen is inconsistent at times. As far as I can tell, this issue appears to be random – currently attempting to figure out what is causing the differences, whether it’s how one exits the app, etc.

Note that the iPhone 11 (which I’m using) has a “notch”, meaning the left margin should be larger than the right. This applies to a few other devices too.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Take a screenshot of the home screen
  • Restart the app; repeat multiple times to compare results

Expected Results

The home screen should have proper and consistent margins. It should also display the pilot’s grade.

Actual Results

Often, the home screen’s margins will be slightly inconsistent and the pilot’s grade will not be displayed.

Log sent?


More Information

Example 1; odd margins, grade shown.

IMG_6013 2.PNG

Example 2; odd margins, no grade.


Example 3; good margins, no grade.



What do you mean with odd margins? I can see the vertical shift for the left side between pic 2 & 3, but what else?

Right side is indented more in 1 & 2 than 3

Yes. But anything else?

Nothing else that I can see, no.

Regarding examples 1 & 2, it looks as if the left margin is decreased just as much as the right margin is increased, almost like everything on the home screen (username/callsign exclusive) is within one large text box.

Just measured it out; when the margins are “good”, the space between the phone’s “notch” and the other side of the screen are equal.

Found something. Take a look at where the top-right profile info is located on these four pages:

  • Home Screen
  • Fly Solo
  • Fly Online
  • Air Traffic Control

It’s located in the same spot on the Home Screen and “Fly Online” pages – different for “Fly Solo” and “Air Traffic Control”.

On the latter two pages, the information is contained within the margins.

What’s the orientation? It’s different between shot 1+2 than it is in 3, right?

Device orientation? It’s the same in all three screenshots.

Strange, will have a look, but have never seen this before. Looks like the orientation is wrong (you can see the offset for where the notch should be)

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