Home Flight Simulator

I’m planning to build a home flight simulator with Saitek Gear, does anyone have an estimated price range?


Ask on a computer based sim forum 🙄


Are you going to have a built cockpit also, check YouTube.
People go find aircraft cockpits and get it shipped to their house and do some stuff to turn it into simulation


A hell of a lot. Over 1000 USD.


Yeah… I really hope this doesn’t crash into a downwards spiral like what happened with the guy “owning” an A320 flight sim. :|

It’ll be expensive if you want something of high quality. Depends on if you want full motion, static, etc. Lots of variables to consider.


I’m sure there are ways to find out besides being to lazy to check for yourself. And if you can, simply calculate all the prices of the items you will need, add the shipping, add all the man hours worth of electricity, power, and such and you’ll find your answer. It isn’t an easy task to find a cost but neither is building a simulator and to put it frankly if you want to build a simulator why not start off on the right foot and do this yourself? :)


Ask @_keithjames99, he owns his own A320 full motion sim.


The forum is the new Google, Bing, Wikipedia, etc. We’re suppose to know everything, and supply the answers to everything, right? 🤔


One easy DIY Flight sim accessory is just to turn your keyboard into a switch panel… Just re do each key on the keyboard and repaint grey! Very easy…

Credits: http://www.pcaviator.com/store/images/D/Keyboard%20Mod%20-%20A320.jpg


your computer itself will be at least 1.5k (a custom rig, not a prebuilt one) to get p3d to run at just barely 30fps

you should expect the entire setup to be from around 3k all the way upto 10k (not even joking)


my advice is to start small, scavenge whatever you can and start saving up to something big

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I guess It’s becoming that way. It’s sad that no one has the drive to reasearch for them selves. I’m pretty sure this will never come to a realization for him due to it.


I would also consider to make your PC yourself… Much cheaper. Its basically like a puzzle but make sure you have access to youtube for tutorials ;)

^^ i can give you a good list of pc hardware if you give me a budget to work with

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Since you like Cathay Pacific airlines, I think you live in Hong Kong so anyway to to the nearest logistics airport and ask if you can have some parts of a scraped aircraft

Cause you know how to wire them up right 🙄

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trying to get the best pc parts to get the most efficient results is more harder than actually wiring up the parts imho

Just giving him recommendations to first get the parts and to answer your question no I don’t but YouTube or Google might:)

I find this interesting. You know what you want to build and more specifically what gear you want to use, yet you don’t know the price range. 🤔 I suppose this would be the same as me saying, “I’m looking to buy an iPad Pro 9.7. Does anyone know what the price is?” If I knew what I was looking to buy, I would know what the price would be. Just me thinking out loud.


I would just suggest to get a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Pedals, Then hook it up to your computer, and then use Live flight connect to use IF since global is coming. Mine works Great!