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So I am wanting to make a cheap home flight simulator using the Infinite Flight app with Apple computer and phone. How should I do it and any recommendations.


Use liveflight connect(get it from the mac app store) and connect the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick(Its about 30$) and you have realistic flight controls in infinite flight. (It also has a throttle built in as well as a few buttons) I own this joystick, and it works very well.


I would use Apple TV to stream it to a large screen and the Mac to use a joystick.

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Okay I will try that

Unfortunately I do not have a Apple TV

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I have several iMacs and a MacBook Pro at my house and let me tell you then can’t run any desktop flight sim with decent settings for 💩. And these are powerful iMacs and laptops I have.

So obviously mirrioring your iPad to your Apple computer would be the best way to go, and using the LiveFlight Connect app to connect your joystick or yoke into your computer so you can use it to fly would be your best option.

Google ways to mirror your iPad screen onto your computer. I think you can use a simple charger cable for your iPad and plug it in to both devices, then open QuickTime (built in Apple Application), and follow these steps.

Compatible joysticks include

Duet Display is good, I have had it for years now but haven’t tried it with IF. Yes any Mac is going to be bad for gaming, they just aren’t designed for that sort of stuff.

Try connecting your phone to your computer, open a QuickTime, select new movie, then click the little arrow and click your ohone’s name. You will be able to see your phone’s screen. Then plug your laptop in to a tv with a HDMI cable or thunderbolt and us a joystick to fly. That’s if you have all controls on joystick such as throttle etc…

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You can have a look at mine for inspiration:

I really suggest an Apple TV, even the 3rd gen one, because having IF on a really big screen is really cool, and if you get a joystick.

Sometimes what I do, is I take my phone, hook it up to live flight connect for infinite flight, so that the joystick can control it, then I go to QuickTime player on the Mac, and put the phone screen on the Mac. Hope it works!

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