Homage to the dead on the Lamia flight 2933 [LOCKED UP] @ SBCH - 292100ZNOV18

Gol Airlines Virtual Event

Today 2 years of the accident; we are unfortunately having to pay homage to the dead on the Lamia 2933 flight.

Chapecoense is a Brazilian soccer club that unfortunately had its history marked by a tragic air accident.
The team affectionately named Chape got an unprecedented access to the Final of a South American Cup where they would play the Final in Colombia against the National Athletic team.

Just a few nautical miles from the airport, the plane crashed for lack of fuel.
There were human failures.
According to Colombian authorities, 71 died and 6 were injured. The Colombian civil aviation authority has released the list of passengers and crew members who would be on the plane that headed the Chapecoense team and suffered a plane crash in Colombia.

We will be flying to Chapecó Airport (SBCH City Club) all day from any location.
At 19: 00BSB (UTC-2) we will be flying together from Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) to Chapeco (SBCH) in the Training Server.
(Copy the Route of Wendel Santos)

Hours: 7:00 Local BSB time (UTC-2)
Day: 11/29/2018

Aircraft Recommends
Boeing 737-700 (Gol Airlines)
Boeing 737-800 (Gol Airlines)

Embraer E195 (Azul Airlines)
Airbus A319 (Tam Airlines)
Airbus A320 (Latam Airlines)

Flight information

  • Maintain a minimum of 15 nm of space between aircraft
  • Do not exceed MACH 0.79
  • Flight Level 34,000 feet
  • Do not overtake the aircraft ahead
  • The first Pushback will be me (GLO1810 Wendel Santos) so I can shoot all the landings on my channel (Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCbgYIAcCZN8xcIu1MABcZw)
  • Flight Time: 01h 45min (Estimated)
  • TOD to 105nm from the airport

Book Your Gate
(Name in Infinite Flight)

GATE 149 Wendel Santos (First Pushback/Take-Off)
GATE 148 João Victor F. Guedes
GATE 146 IFBR Eduardo Leite
GATE 144 Guilherme Rodrigues
GATE 142 IFAS - Angelo YT
GATE 140 Maurício Casarolli
GATE 138
GATE 136
GATE 134
GATE 132
GATE 130
GATE 128

SBGL- Ground + Tower @TheKnP_KK
SBGL- Departure (???)
SBCH- Ground + Tower (???)
SBCH- Departure (???)
If it is possible to attend the Green Warriors to pay this tribute, we thank you and if anyone applies for ATC, we will also be grateful.

All credits to the author.

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Even if you do not attend the event leave your message of support, we will try to send to the relatives of the dead !!


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That was a horrible day in football and aviation-history. RIP

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