HolyCopter And Others At LFPI

Hello, IFC!

Today, I had an empty day so decided to meet up with @A-FitzGerald and do some spotting. After a few phone calls to the heliport, we had been granted access to a private area to get some good angles.

After a few minutes in public transportation (for the Americans here, public transportation is “a system of transport for passengers by group travel systems available for use by the general public. I had arrived at the Issy Les Moulineaux heliport [LFPI] and it was time to spot!

Let’s get right into the pics!

F-HOLY coming in to land after a flight from the coast with a millionaire and 3 dogs inside.

F-GSMB, an ex-SAMU helicopter now flying for a private company doing overpriced tours of Paris

A woman taking pictures of the helicopter (disclaimer, yes, she did get dust in her eyes)

“You look great, honey”

F-HBAH arriving from Toussus Le Noble

F-HBAH and an aerial restaurant that costs 5 times the usual cost for the sole reason that it looks like an overused volleyball

Securite Civile taking off in a rush to go to a nearby hospital (and a poor guy behind them trying to make a phone call)

Two helis, one spotter

An advertisement for the DGAC. Imagine crashing in front of their offices, that would be the equivalent of crashing in front of a mod :)

Last but not least, a helicopter getting a top off that probably cost more than the helicopter itself.

Next time you go spotting, I highly recommend calling local airside businesses or flight schools to see if you can go airside :)

See ya in the next topic!

Thank you!



Great shots, I win btw 😂


Beautiful 🤩


Very cool shots @Robertine :)

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All hail the holy heli 🙏.


Took me a hot minute to get why the title is holycopter

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Haha, yes. It’s quite a popular heli in the area due to it’s funny registration, and that’s the general nickname that people have for it here

Nice photos Robert!

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You have a canon 90D right?

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80D, I wish I had a 90D 😂

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I like the pics but i perfer airplanes more then helicopters

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Thanks! I do too but I come here for how close it is :)

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Great captures! There is nothing like airside.

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I like the second the best

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