Hollywood of the North

Hey guys! This is my day of flying for @AmericanVirtual. First off we started off the day at our hub (KPHL) and headed off to CYYZ. When we arrived at YYZ we headed off to DCA, then SYR, then finally finished off the day ending in KPHL. Check it out down below. I threw together some pictures from the event also! Today’s event took us from LGA to CYYZ, with @AirCanadaVirtual (ACVA)

Server: Expert
Time: Around 3-4 hours total
Event route: KLGA to CYYZ

Started off the day early and headed up North to YYZ. While taxiing to parking I found my self in the International terminal (@NYFLFlyer22 behind me, and many more that didn’t render)
After finding the CRJ parking I was met by 3 other American Eagle CRJ’s flying for BAVA
Beautiful crosswind landing at Ronald Reagan International

Now for the event!

Old and new liveries
Holding short runway 4 with a longgggg line ahead of me, which consists of AAVA and ACVA A320’s

Finally lifting off from runway 4, bound to YYZ

Let me know which was your favorite for today :) stay safe and happy flying!


Nice photos and angles!

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Thanks mate!

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Great shots

Love flying with the AAVA squad.

-From ACVA 🤟


Ayyy. Yeah always a blast. I was beginning decent while people were still taking off 😳

Big crowd 😎

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That looked like a fun flight, I love your editing!

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ahem* YVR is the the hollywood of the north.
Great photos!!!


Awesome shots!👍🏻

That pic with me behind was when we were holding position for the A350 pushing back. Just finished a flight from Shanghai which was long (about 13 hours). Loved seeing the action at YYZ!

Love the editing too!

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WOOOOW. Sounds very cool event! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Thanks! Glad it’s appreciated

Lol. I looked up nicknames for Toronto and that popped up 😂. Thanks for the feedback!

Yup I remember. I watched the replay back and I’m surprised I didn’t notice a massive Air Canada behind me 😂. Where did you go to from Shanghai?

Oh believe me, I did!


I landed the 787 from Shanghai. After I did a quick Dash 8 flight to London (Ontario, not UK).

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Ohhhh ok ok. I see now! Nice! Hope to see ya around. I was doing OMDB to CYYZ, but sadly internet went out sometime throughout the night so I woke up and found out I lost connection. 14 hour flight. Hoping to do an overnight long haul tonight if you interested @NYFLFlyer22?