Holiday Spotting Session | Munich Int. Airport | July, 29 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to this spotting session !

Yesterday, I went to my home airport, which is Munich Int. Airport as some of you know, and I think I took some great shots ! My spotting time was around 8 hours (from 8 AM to 4 PM).

First, I had to take photos of Terminal 1, which is still under construction and the tower as I think it looks really cool and different from the other ones.

Shortly, after I got to my position I spotted this Air Canada B787-9 taxiing to its gate.

Next, 2 Lufthansa A350-900s (one with the new livery and the other one with the old) were towed to their new parking position.

Time passed and suddenly, I didn’t believe my eyes. A private A340-300 taxied to its hangar in front of my eyes !!

But hold on :) it got even better !
I saw an A350-900 of Qatar Airways and a B777-300ER of Emirates approaching on FlightRadar24.
Here is the Qatar Airways A350

and here the Emirates B777 !

All in all, it was a lot fun to spot again. I still have some more pictures of A319s, A320s, B737s, E-Jets and private jets ! Tell me if you also want to see them :)
I know I don’t have the best camera with the best lenses but I tried my best and I hope it’s still enjoyable :)

Thanks for checking out this topic and see you in the next one !


Beautiful pictures! Munich is one of favourite Airports! The Lufthansa A350 is just so indescribable!

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Awesome shots! Nice work!

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Wow! Private A340! Amazing!

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Thank you @Ballio @Sashaz55 @Jan_W

Incredible! I’ve never seen a private A340 before, really really nice pictures!

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The livery on the A340 is stunning! Did you manage to get the registration of the aircraft?

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Those are amazing photos!

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Awesome shots! I’m flying to Munich today with Lufthansa from EWR in the old a350 livery!

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That would be M-AIBU.

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Wait a minute. I think I saw this A319neo on that day !

Yaaayyy :)

Some cool pictures you have there. Just nice how diverse the traffic at MUC can be.

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Well, I guess you got me in your pics since I’ve been spotting from the fence on the opposite side of the runway (at the Gate in the left third of the EK and QR pics)

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That first picture of the A340 with the CRJ retracting the gear in the background is spectacular 😍 Amazing!

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Thanks @JulianB !
@Moritz haha nice !
@Ryan_Gibb yeah I love this one, too :)


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