Holiday Spotting | KDEN DEC.22nd |

Hello IFC
I’m back with another spotting topic again lol. I decided to reward myself from grinding all week with finals by going planespotting with my Denver boys, Hayden and Caleb. Now the lighting was good until the clouds started rolling in. Which caused a few of these pictures to be a bit grainy. Anyways here are my favorite pictures from today.

Southwest 737-800 on Final for 35R

UA A319 and Kalitta Air 747-400BCF on a parallel approach

United 737-900ER on final

A very grainy UA A320 heading to SFO. Not happy about this one.

Delta 737-900ER on Final

A rare Frontier A319 on Final. F9 is currently retiring there A319 there are currently 6 left in there fleet

Another Grainy beacon shot

Southwest 737-800 on final

BA 747 on Final coming from LHR

Kalitta Air 747-400BCF taxing to the Cargo Ramp after arriving from Louisville

I’ll post a 2019 rewind of my Spotting in a few days.
Equipment: Canon EOS rebel t4i 75-300mm lens
Thanks for viewing!! Constructive Criticism is welcomed


Nice pictures!!!

Great photos as always!!! Can’t wait to see more. 😍

Fantastic shots. Made me very happy looking at these lol. Most look pretty crisp, and I love the way the colors pop. :)

Wow I love the parallel approach shot! The Kalitta livery is so cool

Awesome photos mate, great job! I like the Southwest ones, and the United A320.

There are such awesome pictures! I don’t mind the grainy ones at all. They’re all equally stunning 😃

Those are awesome!

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Thanks guys!!


Beauty pictures! 😍

Thank you!

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☝️. That is what I like to see.

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Great pics as always! I hope to meet you soon lol

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Hopefully soon


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