Holiday Spotting at Curacao 26-12-2020

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel back home to Curacao for Christmas and New Year’s and so of course I took the opportunity to go spotting. It was a nice change to be spotting in the sunny weather I grew up in instead of the grey and cold weather seen in Amsterdam.

So here we go:
KLM 777-206ER PH-BQC operating the daily flight from Amsterdam

United Airlines 737-824 N12238 taxiing to runway 11

TUI Nederland 787-8 PH-TFM also coming in from Amsterdam

United Airlines 737-824 N12238 departing to Newark

Air Canada Rouge A319-112 C-GSJB departing for Toronto, this is the first flight between Curacao and Canada ever since Curacao closed its borders back in March.

American Airlines 737-823 N971NN operating the daily flight to Miami.

As always, thanks for opening this thread and I hope you enjoyed :) Follow me on my social media for more spotting pictures.
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I think I’m going on vacation here this summer!! Awesome shots!!

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Great shots
The 777 was n y o o m

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That’s nice to hear! Even though I don’t live there anymore you’re always welcome there! :) And thanks!

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Thank you! :D

Fantastic pictures! Very cool to have an airport that close to the shore and Crystal blue water :) Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Very cool. Also, do you have any JetAir pics for me? ;)

I also wish I had as much traffic as you, the only planes that come here are the 777, 787 and some smaller ones

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I have 3 pics with JetAir parked in the foreground


Wow, the last Fokker ever made! How cool! Sad it doesn’t fly as much as JAC. (Or At all) I spotted it at Curaçao in December 2019. I honestly wish that I could see more aircraft here, it’s so boring…

(My battery died thats why I didn’t respond earlier)

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Oh wow I didn’t know that was last Fokker made

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