Holiday Rush @ KDEN

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Today we’re back with another spotting topic. Went out to DEN with a few of my buddies and caught up with them. We wanted to get the cargo 747 that comes for a few days leading up to Christmas to help with the Christmas rush and stayed for some golden hour shots. Hope yall enjoy it.

First off is a United 737 MAX 9 touching down on 17R arriving from Nashville with the moon in the background during golden hour.

Next up we have a Southwest 737-800 seconds from touchdown with the moon peeking out behind the tail

Then we have a UPS MD-11F smoking the mains down after a quick 2-hour hop from SDF

Next up is a United 737-900ER in the Continental Retro Livery arriving from Cancun

Then we have a newly painted United 757-200 in the new Evo blue livery arriving from Newark, NJ

Here we have Lousiana One on short final for 16L arriving from Chicago Midway

Next, we have the Cincinnati Bengals charter Delta 767-300 taxiing to the FBO after arriving from CVG they would end up winning against the broncos because the broncos are a mid football team

Here is one of the daily 767-200 we get from abx air this one in peticular is in their retro livery

Now we have this all white 747 operated by kalitta air on short final arriving from SDF this plane was one of several 747’s we got this week to help with the Christmas Rush

Finally we have a United 787-9 Dreamliner arriving from Frankfurt.

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm, Sigma 18-35 1.8 Canon 18-55mm & Canon 75-300mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop

Thanks for viewing!
Have a safe and wonderful Holidays and be kind!!


Holy moly! That 752 is just 🤩

downwind Denver

damn he nice with it tho

Oh my gosh, those are absolutely gorgeous! The first one literally took my breath away! AMAZING JOB!

Nice photos! I actually flew on that retro continental United 737-900 a few weeks ago on a flight from KRDU to KIAD.

Atis Alpha

Great Shots!

@Blake_Stephens - check ‘em. They are incredible.

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Nice shots! What a variety of airlines and liveries!

The lighting on these photos is money 😍 well done!

Why is there Sun in December 🤨

Because it’s 60 degrees out in December 👍

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