Holiday Rush at EHAM | Plane Spotting at Amsterdam Schiphol 30/8/2020


Last Sunday I decided to go spotting at Schiphol for the last time in what will probably be in a long time. Here are some pictures I took.

Here are some general details:

  • Camera: Canon Eos 350d + Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.6-5
  • Location: Amsterdam Schiphol’s runway 36L (Polderbaan) spotting area.
  • Date: Sunday August 30th, 2020


Kicking off today’s topic is an Air China Cargo Boeing 777 freighter

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 777-FFT
Airline: Air China Cargo
Registration: B-2095
Serial number: 44678
Flight number: CA1038
Age: 6 years, November 2013

A few aircraft later comes easyJet flight 7997 bound for Split, Croatia.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Airline: easyJet Europe
Registration: OE-IJQ
Serial number: 5757
Flight number: U27997
Age: 7 years, August 2013

Shortly afterwards is a TUI Boeing 787-8 accelerating towards Gran Canaria.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Airline: TUI fly Netherlands
Registration: PH-TFM
Serial number: 36429
Flight number: OR543
Age: 5 years, March 2015

Couple minutes later is a cute little Alitalia A319 blasting off 36L, off to Rome.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Airbus A319-112
Airline: Alitalia
Registration: AZ107
Serial number: 2057
Flight number: AZ107
Age: 16 years, September 2003

Now comes one of the stars of the show, the beautiful A350-1000, rotating off the Polderbaan and starting the 11 hour journey to Hong Kong.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Airbus A350-1041
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Registration: B-LXH
Serial number: 258
Flight number: CX270
Age: 1 year, November 2018

Next picture captures three aircraft, with the main focus being an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER in its takeoff roll.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 777-31H(ER)
Airline: Emirates
Registration: A6-EGK
Serial number: 41071
Flight number: EK9744
Age: 8 years, November 2011

Shortly afterwards comes a KLM Boeing 77W bound for New York, JFK. Here she is just after rotation.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 777-306(ER)
Airline: KLM
Registration: PH-BVO
Serial number: 35946
Flight number: KL641
Age: 5 years, March 2015

Next up is the oldest aircraft in the session. Here is an Icelandair Boeing 757-200 prior to rotation, bound for Keflavik airport, Iceland.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 757-223
Airline: Icelandair
Registration: TF-ISD
Serial number: 24592
Flight number: FI501
Age: 29 years, February 1991

After a little hiatus of aircraft comes a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 in the Star Alliance livery.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 737-8F2
Airline: Turkish Airlines
Registration: TC-JHE
Serial number: 35744
Flight number: TK1820
Age: 11 years, November 2008

To wrap up this session, we have the queen of the skies itself! The loud engines suited the massive crowd attracted to see this bird. Surprisingly, the jumbo jet rotated earlier than most 737s, most likely due to it being empty.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 747-4HAF(ER)
Airline: Suparna Airlines
Registration: B-1340
Serial number: 35235
Flight number: Y87406
Age: 13 years, July 2007

That’s it! This was probably one of my best spotting sessions yet, there were loads of aircraft and as you can see, there was a very big airline variety.

What was your favourite picture? All feedback is appreciated!

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Have a great day wherever you are!
Rian O’Shea


Great shots, thanks for sharing :)

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Nice photos Rian, I really like #5 and #7. Keep it up 👍

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Great photos mate! That KLM 777 was a beautiful shot

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Amazing photos Rian. The Turkish 737 looks so nice

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Thanks Oli, 5 and 7 sure did turn out well.

thanks! You’re not the only one who has taken a liking in the KLM 777…

Thanks a lot Luke! That picture sure did turn out nicely


I believe I flew that Icelandair 757 a few years back. Great shots!

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Amazing photos!

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Cool! I’d love to visit Iceland…

Thanks! Glad you liked them.

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