Holiday Flight suggestions!

Hello everyone,
I am planning a holiday to go to Dubai UAE, then eventually make my way to Paris France, Munich Germany, somewhere Croatia (don’t know the city name), and Athens Greece.
I was wondering what Airlines I should fly? And would the planes dictate the airline if you did the same trip? (I flew to Sydney just to get the A380 QF1)
I’d like all suggestions about who you’d fly, and who I should consider flying.
What PLANES I Like:
Anything airbus
787 series


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Don‘t rely on aircrafts shown during the booking process, airlines with bigger fleets might change the aircraft within hours prior departure, especially on short haul.


For example my EVA Taipei-Macau flight was going to be operated by a B777-300ER, but then the aircraft was changed to a Airbus 321-200.

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