Hole in RWY 25 Kiwirok

I think these photos say it all.


It’s likely that this airport is unedited and therefore there’s nothing that can really be done unless someone starts editing it.

Of course joining the team yourself would be the best way to ensure this is done.

You can report any airport editing issues with airports which have been edited here, and also find out how to join the team.

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There is no hole in the Runway. I have just checked, the Airport is edited in May and everything is Ok with it.

What you can see there is a difficulty resulting from the fact that airports ion IF are rendered flat, and the surrounding area has to be adjusted to that somehow.
Especially in mountainous areas this results to the seen effect. Your chosen resolution/bandwith makes it even worse.



Hey, in this airport, whenever I go for a takeoff roll off 07, I randomly crash?
This is what my plane looks like when I ‘crash’:
image image

due to the area around the airport isnt flat the airport is there so there for the area around to try to benefit having it there but because it isnt a large airport the area around hasnt been perfectly done for the runway but at least you can use it !

try restarting your game sometimes it does happen !

Take off at rwy 25 with the tbm and you will find it.

I have, multiple times, and cleared the cache.

possible a bug. try a different aircraft ?

You shouldn’t be in a 757 here 😂


Did you watch Swiss Video, that airport had a curved runway.

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Yes I did.

Maybe take an aircraft which is suitable for the location ! TBM ?

yeah, My problem was my stupidity

Indeed sir 😂

Video I took a minute ago

Check out my channel btw

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Very weird, this need to be in #support

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It could be scenery bug, or the airport edit bug.

Try clearing your scenery cache and respawn again, let me know if you still fall into the hole

I just think they forgot that little bit of land.