Hole In Mountain | Rio Santos Dumont Approach | Mapping Data Error

I think there was another topic about another hole at another different airport. However I found another. Haha it’s in Rio so I think this should get some attention soon.

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Did you clear your scenery cache just to make sure?

Yes I did and it still.

I can vouch for this too, i see this when I approach too.

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It was always like that

This is the Sugar Loaf mountain (One of Rio de Janeiro’s main attractions - also a great spotting place when SBRJ is using runway 02). Such a shame it shows up like that because it really is wonderful

btw @AviatorMan why are you landing at SBRJ (4300 ft runway) with a 77W 😂


What’s more appaling is the fact you landed a 250,000kg+ plane on an airport with only 4,340’ of length lol

Wat server is this?

Tried haha

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Solo flying

Lol I tried for fun

Not sure how the server you’re in affects scenery, but okay.

In fact it has a hole. Where there had to be a hill “Pão de Açúcar” has a really weird hole.images (13)

To confirm this hole there is a good amount of time on all servers even to clear the cache @Tsumia


This has been known for a while, its nothing in the users end. IF just needs to fix it, eventually…