Hey Everyone, The ATC Just requested me to hold somewhere over Singapore. Anyways
My question Is that Is there anyway I can make my plane follow the holding pattern? Or should I always manually do It?

At the moment, no theres no way to have autopilot follow the holding pattern.

Unable to find a feature request regarding this.

However i have found these 2:


Alright! :) Thanks for your help.
Good news Is that I’m doing with the holding now lol.

I have experienced a holding pattern once or twice as I don’t usually approach busy airspace’s, but a loop was formed on the Map, therefore you should press the NAV button for the aircraft to automatically follow the glide. ( I only am thinking and it really depends how long you are holding a pattern. I may be wrong ).

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk that sadly doesn´t work…

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The NAV button will follow the flightplan and not the glide unfortunately. :(

Yeah. I don’t think there is any other way around I’m afraid. ;)

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Alright! Thank you all for your help. 😊🌺.

There’s no set “path” for the plane to follow, in the sense of GPS coordinates or anything. You may notice that the size can change intermittently. This is based on your current speed. Pattern holding legs (“inbound” and “outbound”) are based on times, à la a one-minute hold, for example.

Here more specifics from an actual pilot (which I am not):

(Before anyone says “Off topic!”, no, he wasn’t specifically asking this question, but I think this is close enough and it doesn’t seem that a little extra info will hurt. The forum will survive.)


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