He’s fine to tag Mark don’t shame people for things you don’t know.


You can tag mods just not devs ;)


what i tried to do was a parallel entry

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I can’t find that ATC

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I was your controller.

Ummmm there are several supervisors on ATC like @neo and @henrik. I encourage everyone to stop commenting on this matter according to these guidelines

Good luck @AW-HL7428

This isn’t a ghosting complaint 🙄

We are, but just for the record, contact an ATC Moderator if you have concerns regarding a ghosting.

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It’s is an inquiry into a ghost…At least it sounds like to me. He has alot of questions about why, who what, where and when. The best person to answer that is the controller or supervisor.

I answered his question and addressed the team. Thanks.


Oh ok sorry​ so @AW-HL7428 @Tyler_Shelton is your best bet pm him.

i was just asking if i am right of wrong

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lets focus on the topic

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Right but your asking if a ghost is right or wrong I cannot comment on that I think @Brandon_Sandstrom was brave enough to but I don’t personally believe with all do respect to Brandon that I can say you are right or wrong in a situation regarding a ghost per the link above.

Best of luck man

it was about holding not a ghost. welp at least i got information of holding thx to all for the info


He wasn’t ghosted simply told to follow instructions. I don’t know why that’s hard to grasp.

He said left turn so you are in the wrong side

no it was a parallel entry

He said he was ghosted. And to say whether or not he was right or wrong is to by default make a judgement about whether or not the controller was right or wrong that’s not my place that’s not your place with all due respect and and that’s only the place of a moderator or the controller to explain this situation to him he just asked us to tell him twice whether or not he’s right or wrong we can’t do that

Look guys the holds are wacky the controller thinks it will go one way it goes another. Make your correction to the correct holding pattern immediately. I addressed the team on this situation as it happens often. There is no more to say on the subject.