I was too high and atc(approach) gave me a holding pattern. So I went to the map and saw the circling pattern. I tried to follow it but atc said to follow instructions. Is circling should be exact circle? And I have been tought that plane should not go over VS-1300 other wise it would be a very steep decent. I’m not sure if I am correct.

Was this on TS1? I’m guessing so…

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nope it was expert. I just logged out

Possibly it’s the speed.

He said left turns…


my throttles went to idle and made spoliers go up.

You are turning right, when told to turn left.

Also planes descent a lot quicker than -1300fpm


You was supposed to do left Turns. So you are absolutly on the wrong leg. If you continue so you are making right turns


i was instructed there

so I tried to turn at the end and if I turn right and made a left holding like you said he or she would have said to follow instructions anyway

just trying to check if i am right

I’m confused that circle indicates​ right turns but the instructions are to make left turns someone help me out here?

There are some issues with the holdings but all you do is fly to the top corner and turn left, But you would not be in a hold if you came in lower, 16,000ft that close to the cone is far too high. Try starting your decent sooner/faster descent/lower cruising alt.

You need to make what is know as a tear drop entry into the holding pattern.


when i was instructed there map showed right so taking right I dcided to turn left at the end but I got ghosted

So basically when the oder was given you made a right turn instead of left turn…which than was too late to correct…so yeh you weren’t following instructions…correct me if I’m wrong!

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uhhhh actually I contined heading 0 and when atc gave a hloding I kept the plane going so i can turn left at the end

This helps me out alot thanks. Entering a holding pattern would make for a nice tutorial on YouTube when you have time for @Mark_Denton

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and i got first two warnings because atc thought i wasn’t decending fast enough but i was decending at rate of 1300 it can be seen as too slow. another function at plane info vs rate!

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