Holding Patterns

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Recently I was told by ATC to enter a full holding pattern and I saw that the pattern was reflected on my map with a pink line example:
Is there anyway to have auto pilot follow it like how it follows our flight plan (NAV)? I found it quite hard to maintain that and entering it exactly.
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At this current time, there is not a way for autopilot to automatically follow a holding pattern.

You can use the heading function of the autopilot though to try & keep to it as accurately as possible.


Okay I see, I found it quite hard to enter a heading and still follow the shape of that so I had to do a 360 degree instead.

Why does this look like an old version of IF??

I brought this to Tyler’s attention, not sure if it’s currently in the works, but they are aware. Would help tremendously, though.


It is, I used the picture on the holding pattern tutorial video by Tyler.


It was mentioned by Larua in the development stream that although she has a lot on her hand currently, it it definitely something to implement. It will come, but just over time :)


I got that once as well and it was pretty challenging to follow whist going down like a spiral…

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Exactly what I’m talking about.

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Is the holding pattern specific to radials on a VORTAC? Or is it just a specified Holding Pattern “In Space?”

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Don’t understand what you mean by VORTAC, but I’m gonna guess what you mean.

Yes it is around/over a VOR or a airport.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist in IF (yet). Marc made a great feature request for this a little while back, feel free to vote for it here.


See post above 😊