Holding patterns

Hello! So sometimes I see planes that have arrived at their airport but are still at cruise altitude, and they go in a lot of circles. I was wondering if the pilot plans this and puts it in their flight plan or if there is a setting for this? I’m not sure.

To do this we often will add 2 waypoints at the end that are very close together and aren’t possible to fly between.


Ahh so the plane tries to correct itself, and your ETA doesn’t get messed up.

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Not really, I use it Incase I don’t wale up in time.

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Yes that’s why I’m asking because I am a little worried about this flight I’m doing right now. Thank you for the answer though! I’ll use it well in the future!

Technically if you arrive at your airport, one should not be cruising. Though if the airport is controlled by live ATC, they might vector a hold pattern for you to fly. If there is no live ATC, the pilot at his discretion may vector a left/right 360 to match the descent profile.

Yes I know I’m talking about if you oversleep or something.

It is possible, for the sake of realism though one should avoid it.

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True, but we are all human. It happens sometimes!😂


If you see someone doing that, it’s because they’re AFK(P?)/sleeping.

If you are over FL180 they can’t do anything.

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