Holding patterns help

About an hour ago I was working Approach on expert server. At one point I had 22 inbound aircraft. As many of you I put you into a "Holding " pattern. Some of you seemed to understand it and did it correctly. Many of you did not and seemed confused.

If anyone does not understand Holding patterns, message me and I would be help to help and work with you. // Recruiter IFATC Flying High


I PMed you about this :-)

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Amazing Tom,always available and kind to help alls!👌🏻👏👏

Would love to see a @Mark_Denton tutorial on this.


About some days ago I faced an issue where I got a 360 by app…but on my radar it showed a full holding pattern…is it a bug or what I’m confused

You ask and you shall receive ATC Holding Patterns Tutorial But if anyone wants more detailed instructions message me

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360 is different then a holding pattern. When issued at 360 you do 1 360 then fly your original heading

Yea I’m aware of that but that day…I was issued 360 but on my radar popped a entire holding pattern

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That I can’t help you with must’ve been a glitch

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Which server was this on ?

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It’s happened to me also,when controllers give me 360 comand in my mape show a ovals ring


Thank you for always being caring and wanting to help the community. We need more users like you. :)


Thank you Tom for looking out for the little guys ;) great having controllers like you. And I agree with Ar, this would be a great tutorial for Mark to show.

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All 360 commands will pop up with the holding pattern it’s a glitch in the system. Just do as instructed. Another glitch is when issueing the hold if you have another aircrafts flight plan showing it will issue the hold to that aircraft not the one intended.

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ohok.thx for info


Guys we have already a tutorial

Thanks Tom,

You did a fantastic approach job and I did a holding pattern for the first time since the update in Sept!

Like others your command was. Right hand 360 but the oval holding pattern flashed up on my flight plan so I followed that. Hope it didn’t upset the flow too much?

Regards and happy landings

German Cargo 158 Heavy.

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