Holding patterns being used?

Since Holding patterns where introduced (last year?) I have only seen them used once on Expert Server. Will the use of them be encouraged further to add to the realism as well as to help out APR controllers?

Example I flew into EGBB on Expert earlier today, great vectoring by approach guys (sorry missed the name) but ended up by flying an additional 100nm on my route, at a relative low height as instructed, and completely boxed round the airfield. IRL there are three separate stacks that can be used to put aircraft on hold whilst waiting for a landing slot. As well as keeping the skies clutter free this also has the advantage that you can keep the aircraft higher for longer which will help with fuel burn, something to consider once global is amongst us!


Reasons they aren’t used.

  1. Hardly anyone follows them
    2.ATC can’t see them to know if you’re following them.
  2. It’s typically not that busy to use them.

I may have been the controller but I was using holds so it may of been the guy before me.

But Brandon is right, hardly anyone follows them if they aren’t released from it after one circuit.

There was also a bug not sure if it was fixed that sent the holds to a completely different aircraft!

Ok thanks guys. Def no holds being used, but great vectoring job if that was you @stevenwalker109. Surely if aircraft are not following IFATC instructions that is what the ghosting is for? I hope that any bugs can be sorted out so in order to keep realism. I am sure a lot of the issues (unrealistic high traffic for example) will be resolved once global is released so that we will be in a better place to use STAR and SIDs.

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They would have been brilliant to use at EGBB today on Expert. Will LNAV auto follow then on global?


I was using them, so if you heard the controller giving them then it was me, a few of the guys I had was already vectored around the airport so it was just easier to keep them on that and then slot them in when I could, most guys coming from London where put straight into a hold to try and achieve this, nearly had to ghost one but when there is 20 plus aircraft coming your way it’s hard to keep track of everyone!

Apologies for the delay and scenic route in, thanks for being patient and following instructions!


It was good fun! I came up from Southampton direction after taking off from Luton.

Easy 215

Will the holding patterns be something for the next update ?

There have been holding patterns for about a year…my point being that I don’t often see them used!

I have seen them used, only on the expert, but I have never been up into one. I do not know of the pilot complied to the instructions, I didn’t watch.

I use them in Training… Mostly at TNCM. and will have people do left 360’s before coming on approach… Ive had days where there was 10 planes on approach.

Usually its 360’s…
But sometimes its extending upwind / downwind

Am I the only one?

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That’s not the same as a holding pattern from approach. Those are tower commands.

Yeah… Thats because nobody ever does approach…

You need to get off the training server 😂

Only seen them used once on Expert server…

I use them at KSAN TS1 sometimes. We all know what ends up happening lol.

Well, I got placed in my whole expert career like 4 or 5 times only in a holding. Seems like thats quite often, probably comes because I love to fly into busy airspace.

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Holding patterns are a great feature, but we still need to make some tweaks to them. They aren’t used that often for several of the reasons mentioned above by @Brandon_Sandstrom but also:

  • Many people do not know how to properly fly holds.
  • Hold pattern entries can be confusing as there are 3 entries into a holding patter (Direct, Parallel, and Tear Drop).
  • Some people still struggle with left or right turns
  • Some controllers still need need to learn how to properly issue holds to set up for best exit to approach (Trickier than one might think)

As we continue to grow and develop the sim, holds will be used more as Tyler and I will be making tutorials in the future. There are some great apps that are useful training tools for holding patterns if anyone is interested in learning more.