Holding pattern

hey can someone open up approach at an airport as i want you to put me in an holding pattern

Why would you want that

Here’s what they look like if you’re wondering…


no i want to be put on one as i havent been put in one before

I can in about 15 min

okay on expert server

Once I get home I will let you know where

okay thanks

May i join in??

yes you may. i did this post as ive never been put in one

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Yea me to. I wanna see

I will open KSAN Approach for runway 27 on expert server. Go ahead and depart Climb to 12k-15k feet

I will open in just a few minutes

Anyone can join

I’ve opened KSAN Approach

Okay I’m coming

im coming 787-900 british airways callsign QA-27LK

Tell me your call signs

Just loading up. im there

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yay thanks finally in holding pattern

Do one complete oval pattern then I will direct you for the ILS approach

Words no other pilot has said before

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