Holding pattern

I was approaching NZAA but they told me to do a holding pattern
A oval showed up on my map and I didn’t know what to do so I left so they can’t report me

How do I hold a holding patterm


The oval shows you! It’s a guide for pilots to make them more easy to follow. Simply follow the instructions! (Left turns meaning you fly the pattern with left hand turns, right turns meaning you do it the opposite way, with right turns!)

I’ve attached a useful topic from the user guide! :)

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Unfortunately youre going to have to take the plane off autopilot to do the hold if you want any chance of turning fast enough.

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Is there a way to make the AP do it for me

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why are people so reluctant to handfly a plane for 5 mins


Unfortunately not really! The turns are quite tight so I recommend handflying them :D

Isn’t it obvious?
I am Airbus pilot

The computers fly me
And no disrespect

But I smell Boeing all over you

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Sorry guys, but these kinds of useless and irrelevant comments are what leads to quite useful topics getting a lock on them. Keep the convo limited to the topic: How to fly Holding patterns…


Deactivate GPS mode, use heading A/P and change it to the desired course to fly the oval

Then turn the heading to turn onto the next leg

Repeat until told otherwise by ATC


This topic came up quite recently…

Alright, everyone, I was the controller, so I ask that we quit it with the petty arguments and focus on the actual situation here.

@Winkie_Ciel_Skylar, I was using holds because there were over 30 aircraft in the pattern for the airport, and I needed breathing room to get planes in a sophisticated pattern and into the airport. From the replay, it indicates that you were given an instruction to hold your present position at 11,000 feet, which led you to despawn.

I don’t think there’s a need for further comment here. Considering you didn’t want to fly the hold, you did the right thing and despawned rather than not following instructions and creating grounds for a report.



It’s not that I didn’t want to fly hold
Just didn’t know how at least with autopilot

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I actually fly my holds with the autopilot…I set the heading of the straight line then use it to make 180 degree turns with the autopilot.

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I really need mentoring

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Just fly the oval shape as accurate as you can I doubt they are looking for it to be absolutely perfect. :)

I know right. Just calibrate and relax.

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Keep it on topic please!

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They are making you do holding patterns in the air because the traffic arriving is very much and to control this they do holding pattern it goes from 10 mins to max 60mins I guess. Maybe wrong

Just to add on to previous comments, I believe ATC cant actually see the oval, so you dont literally have to stick exactly in the space (but keep it as close as possible).
On top of that, doing it with autopilot IS possible, you simply have to slow down and keep changing the bearing to make sure it turns the right way, ive done it before (its simply a bit more circular, but not by much. But it depends on your preference and plane!

NemAir ✈️

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