Holding Pattern

Today was the first time that I’ve encountered ATC using the holding pattern (I think it was IFATC solocup). I LOVE it! That the pattern the controller wants you to follow shows up on your map is really cool and adds tremendous realism to the sim!

Great job to the devs! And outstanding work from IFATC solocup on approach into YSCB!

Steve out.


@Solocup ;)

Never got to use it when I had live :(

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I have the year subscription, and this is the first time I’ve encountered it. I hope it becomes more widely used by ATC.

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Many (putting it politely) less experienced pilots just ignore/do not know what to do with this, therefore it is generally only used when very busy.

Thanks for following instructions, and shining some positive light on the great work IFATCs do :)


I’m not sure who he is,but for sure,he’s a good controller

It depends. Holding pattern are not used so much because they are not for fun but they have a specific purpose. I have to agree with you that it’s a really nice and helpful feature for both ATCs and pilots :)

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