Holding pattern command issue

I’m using the ATC side.
If you have selected aircraft 1’s before to check his flight plan or whatever, and you then want to vector aircraft 2 into a hold, you drag 2 to a waypoint, select hold and everything. The issue here that as long as AC 1 flight plan is still on the screen, the command will be sent to AC1 instead of AC2.
To avoid this I have to click on an area where there are no AC so there is no FP showing on the screen, drag AC2 again into a hold, and the message will go to AC2 as it is supposed to do.

I’m pretty sure this is a bug, but I wanted to double check.
I’m using IPad Air 1 with IOS 9.3.2


Same issue. Very, very, frustrating. Didn’t know about a fix method though so that’s useful!

Well thanks for sharing the fix I had yet to figure out why it did that and it’s highly annoying

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