Holding Pattern Automation?

I am just wondering if holding patterns can be detected by nav so that I don’t have to worry too much about changing. I had one time where I had a good 15 min just circling because KLAX was soo busy. I am just wondering if its possible to get the NAV to do it for me.


You can if you make a flight plane that goes in circles.
If I understand correctly you’re also talking about the purple ones that show up when told by atc. For those I don’t know…

I believe there has been a feature request for this. I will see if I can find it so it can be voted on.

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I gotchu buddy. 😉

Concept would be along the same basis.


I think this would be cool for pilots and could help ATC . Kind of like a button that says enter right/left hand holding pattern.

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I think he means the holding patterns given by approach ATC. “Would the LNAV be able to detect that and adjust accordingly” is what I think he is trying to ask.

Hey man, I know this feature isn’t in Infinite Flight but on LiveFlight Connect for PC, you can set a holding pattern as well as the direction and distance. You can even set the aircraft to adjust heading and altitude based on ATC commands. You need to connect your device to a computer and have the LiveFlight Connect application installed so it may be inconvenient if you’re seeking a different solution. Don’t know if that’s of any help but hope you find what you’re looking for :)

@TwinsRock88@DeerCrusher @Chris_S…MaxSez: Addresses; I join you in support of this concept. Ezy Fix just add a “Hold sub-group” to the present RNav/APPR Group now available in the AutoPilot feature. A standard 1minute Hold will suffice. This feature would facilitate and enhance flow control, fuel dump, Altitude/Speed reduction on Approach, Loiter etc, This Topic needs an Edit and a move to Features…

Note: I don’t accept adding this feature that includes automation as a cop out and trip saver for those who don’t mind the store and overfly there destination or any other “Pilot Error”, let them eat cake. , No body said it was ezy. Millennials and their easy way don’t cut it for me, Plan your flights, File a Plan, Fly the Damm Plane!
Regards All


Hey thanks. Ya what I meant was a button that automatically makes the NAV do a hold pattern so that I dont have to constantly change heading

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