Holding localiser in cockpit view

Hey everyone,

Quick question, so the main problem with my “realistic” landings is holding the localiser. When i fly with the HUD view, it’s fairly easy as you can see your plane in accordance to the runway line but when on cockpit view, it’s just a dot on a line that I struggle to line up.

Has anyone got any clues or tips that can make it easier to maintain the localiser?

Thanks a lot everyone 🙏

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Hey, Liam!

Unfortunately, I can’t think of many ideas. However, if you want to utilize the autopilot, my advice to you would be to enable APPR until you are confident that you can hold the localizer and glideslope.

I hope this helps!

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Haha yeah thanks. Thats what I do most of the time when I’m not feeling super confident.

Small corrections go a long way. If you see the localizer dot drifting to one side, don’t immediately try and get it coming back. The first step is to stop it from drifting away. Then make another small correction to get it to come back. then stop it in the middle.

As always, practice makes perfect with this.

It might help to practice this skill alone. Set up on final, then set a constant altitude in the autopilot and follow only the localizer a few times until you’re more confident.


Thanks very much @tomthetank. Very helpful Ive already noticed improvement from the couple practices Ive had

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