Holding Instructions

If possible it would be nice to be able to put aircraft into hold so you can rope in some chaos when things get out of hand.

Id have to agree but you could just get people to do 360s.

I think approach can put them in hold pattern by vectoring them but the problem is how many pilots will obey those vectoring rather they will ask for flight following im between 😃


There is a broadcast message expect delays, I have done it a few times vectoring people around also to lose altitude and works most of the times. All depends on the experience of the pilot.


The holding I am talking about would make it so you gave one instead of giving multiple clearances to do a 360 or vector.Maybe I am reaching too far. But when approach gets saturated we usually go into holding until they they can start taking aircraft again

I personally feel the issue with holds is the sheer complexity to fly them correctly, especially with wind correction. It’d be great to add, but only if there was an option to press “hold” in autopilot ;)

An alternative is to make the aircraft fly a longer approach, go watch LHR on FlightRadar24 or something, you’ll notice they fly a zig-zag style approach from hold to the ILS, just for spacing.

We do that as well to gain spacing but sometimes you need more.

Vector everybody away from the airport and start from there in a logic sequence back to the airport thats what I normally do and it works pretty well. Only thing is the speed sometimes if you have 50kts different between 2 planes but then tell them to reduce to lowest practical speed :)

Not always lowest practical. If we’re being super anal or realistic, all aircraft will be below 250kts a at FL100 or below, by international law. A 737 will start to slow about 10 miles out from the LOC, a heavy or super perhaps 20 or so.

For busy airports you’d control the speed to say “Nimrod, maintain 160kts to 4DME”, I’m not sure if this is a feature right now as I’ve very little IF control experience.

As far as advice goes to space, I’d vector as soon as they get on frequency, it’s far easier to maintain traffic flow if you capture them soon rather than just 1 or two turns before the LOC.

lol…sounds interesting…i had that once with Jeebak…was fun actually

Maybe there can be a mode wherr the plane can automatically go in a holding pattern. Just in case your away from the phone

A simple personal message to the pilot could work like “Airport for arriving planes is busy, you are in holding, expect and follow vectors”


Brilliant idea!