Holding IF/IFVARB accountable

Recently I was looking at the list of reserved VAs on the IFVARB when I found some alarmingly discriminatory language being used by @Laura (one of the owners of IF). Whilst I personally am unaware of the context in which this was said, I think it’s important that whatever the context we confront the use of such language, especially for an allegedly diverse and inclusive company as Infinite Flight.

While some people use these slurs in a jokey and non-literal sense, some may view it otherwise and it is crucial to hold those who use such slurs accountable for their hurtful and discriminatory language. Such slurs perpetuate a culture of intolerance and contribute to the marginalisation and harm experienced by the LGBTQ+ community & It is the responsibility of IF members to challenge and address this behaviour, promoting respect and equality for all.

Using homophobic slurs demonstrates a lack of understanding, empathy, and respect for the dignity and humanity of others. By calling attention to the individual who employs such slurs, we can create awareness of the impact of their words and to initiate a conversation about the importance of inclusive language.

Holding IF accountable for their use of homophobic slurs serves as a reminder that hate speech has consequences - they are not invincible and it’s important to remember this - It is crucial to express the harm caused by their words, both to those in which the comments were addressed and the wider Infinite Flight Community. By refusing to tolerate such language, we can encourage reflection and foster an environment where respect and acceptance prevail.

In holding IF responsible for their use of homophobic slurs, we contribute to the dismantling of discrimination and the cultivation of a more inclusive society. By promoting understanding, compassion, and the importance of respectful language, we work towards creating an environment where everyone can live free from prejudice and discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

I’d also like to say a few words for newcomers to the community: this is the first instance I have seen of such behaviour - IF and it’s members are generally very tolerant and inclusive - but this culture of acceptance shouldn’t shield IF when doing something so morally wrong. Personally, until someone from IF recognises and apologises for the use of such language, I will be cancelling my subscription and disengaging from the community for the time being & urge those who share my passion for social change to do the same.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Jack x