Hold Short Tutorial, pin it into the actual simulator

Okay, the hold short tutorial needs to be pinned to the where the news box is or where the event box is shown… On the loading page of the simulator

I just had a grade one line up with the runway while I said, “Swiss, hold short runway 27” and he thought I said line up with runway while theirs a 737 on ILS full stop

Then I said fine, it’s a grade one their new…

And than a Grade THREE lines up with the runway runway 27 when I said hold short…

I can go on with the rant but prefer not too…


They all need to be in the sim somehow.


They are. Press help, and you find them next to the in-game tutorials.


Two out of three people in this thread didn’t know where they were. Probably one out of 500 users of the app know where to find them.


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