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Hi there. When I’m controlling at Dublin it is difficult to get aircraft to hold short correctly for Runway 28. They think the hold short is on the start of Runway 34 when it’s just before it. This means that they are actually sitting on the runway when there is traffic on final. Please refer to the diagram. Would be great if the controller could instruct the aircraft to hold short of runways 34 and 28.
EDIT: Click on photo for full diagram view



If it’s training server there’s nothing you can do about most of the time they don’t listen here’s the the link if you are interested in joining IFATC Thinking about joining IFATC? Want some feedback?

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To be honest. I gave up controlling on Training server mainly because for example, if RWY 24L at Heathrow has several aircrafts inbound and many wanting to take off, they get tired of waiting and take off anyways.


Absolutely understand the frustrations but we can’t just keep advising everyone to abandon the training server, move to the Expert Server and join IFATC and everything will be golden, im sure we ghost people on Expert for the same thing (given it may not happen as frequently!)

My advise on this as a controller would be issue a “Not cleared to enter runway” instruction, or even give a “Hold Short Runway 34” - we can only hope that the ones genuinely wanting to learn come here and look up why they were given that command or drop you a DM


This is good info, for everyone flying or controlling Dublin, both for Training and Expert.
Thanks for this info. Learning every day…


Honestly, people should just use common sense. Like why would you go on to runway 14. 🙄

I’d be a little worried if they were holding short of 24L and Heathrow…

I meant 27L. You get the point…

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Yeah I know. Kinda wish people would just look at the airfield charts and pay attention to what’s going on around them tbh

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I normally control KJFK, EHAM or KSFO. I rarely get people who don’t follow instructions there. Give it a try.

I was controlling Dublin yesterday and told departures for runway 28 to hold short runway 34 was that correct 🤔

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We don’t have a ‘Hold short of Runway X and Runway X’ so yes thats the next best thing


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