Hold Short Lines - Backwards

So I have been flying on Infinite Flight for over a year now, I am now a new ground school student, one of the things we went in depth about is the hold short lines, ILS Critical area, etc.

I just cant help but notice that the hold short lines on Infinite Flight are…backwards.

Unless im losing it, which could be a possibility 😕

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Some are due to a weird bug. But it should be more of a rare, sporadic occurrence and not happen all the time.


They have been backwards for every airport I have ever been to, and I have been to hundreds. I have also had three different devices over the course of my Infinite Flight history, from IPad to Samsung. Numerous updates and reinstalls. And it has always been like that.

Feels like you must be loosing it then ;)

Seriously though, I’ve asked a few from the airport editing team that might be able to answer this in greater detail than i can. I only know what i just said :)


Yep…I knew it.

Thank you for the ask. :).

From an airport editing point of view, we always place the hold lines the same way they are in the satellite imagery.

There all backwards from my perspecrive. Always have been on my end. For every airport I have ever been to.

Do you have a picture of an example of what it should and shouldn’t look like? IF vs IRL.

Dotted lines should be on the side of the runway and the solid lines should be on the taxiway side.

Dotted lines mean that the pilot does not need permission to enter through that area, and solid lines mean that they do need permission.

KPHL, 27R is looking good. Can’t speak for every airport though or hold short.


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Was actually just learning about hold short lines on my training last week. Had never noticed that they were backwards on IF 😅

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This happens sometimes… you’ll notice it with hold short lines and with misc holds. I’m not really sure why (I’ve compared the airports I’ve edited) but it happens.

It’s not all hold short lines… just some random ones.

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Lol I know I really thought I was losing it 😂

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I the night you are losing it look at the picture

So to recap this, a massive amount of airports have the incorrect format for hold short lines, and some are corrected. From what I am being told there is a bug in the system, and some airport editores try and compensate for this via repairs, but most probably don’t.

I would recommend better communication to the awesome airport editing team on what the correct hold short line format is, just my humble 2 cents. When a hold short line has dotted or checkered lines facing the taxi way, they are letting the pilot know that they do NOT need permission to enter the runway from ATC, in practice of course this should never be done and common sense should be used, they do however have solid lines and dotted lines for a very real reason however.

Do you have any examples of an airport I could visit, I’ve gone to airports with both types of line in IF and they are the correct orientation for me.

The airport editors know which direction the lines are supposed to go, but for some reason they don’t always appear correctly (despite being drawn correctly).

I think KYKM is an example of this.

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Ah, I see. Well I have requested to join the team to get a first hand look and mabye help build some airports 🙂

As it was said, this is a bug, so it’s not up to the editors to solve the problem. This line is always drawn with the dotted part facing the runway, but in the hold shorts where there is an ILS center line, this bug occurs.