Hold short line

At Hanoi VVNB the hold short line for Runway 11R is not there and missing. This is causing confusion for many pilots


Could you post a screenshot of that, so that we have a better idea of what you are talking about? Thanks :)

Yes. Give me a minute or two

It’s how it is in real life:


That explains it!

Confusing for some Pilots though.

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Oh 😂. So where are you supposed to hold then?

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I dunno 🤣😂

Behind the hold short line pointed out in the image below. If your coming to 11R via the southern taxiway hold short of the small yellow dash in image #2.


It’s always a good idea to check how things are in real life before assuming something is wrong ;)


Bruh, the Alaska 737 on the runway😂

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Was in the exact same Situation today. The problem is when to planes approach on parallel taxi lines. What happens to me. I did a sharp right turn to align myself behind the short line. But I was only able to do because I’ve recognized it early enough.
If it’s same in rl … wonder that this doesn’t cause any trouble…

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