Hold short line


Maybe, probably this was already adressed, but I’ve seen this at many, many airports. It looks like the runway hold short line is inverted!

It should be dotted on the runway side, and plain on the taxiway side.


Ask airport editing, or joining the IFAET to fix them. Hope it doesn’t bug you too much.

It doesn’t bug me at all, but technically an aircraft can cross from dotted to plain without clearance, which would make this situation a little bit awkward ;)

Hey there bud,

I’ve notified the higher ups about this as the runway hold actually is facing the correct direction with this. Quite interesting to say the least.


There are many many airports where the hold short lines have been added correctly, however, due to the current interpretation of the IF compiler the lines show incorrectly. @ValXp should be able to explain this phenomenon.




That issue has been present since the initial release of Global Flight. It’s not an error from our side (Airport Editing Team) but in IF’s side. There’s nothing we can do about it. Hope this helps.

Airport Editor Supervisor


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