Hold Short Line

Hello, As I was controlling NZQN(Queenstown) tower today I had noticed an aircraft which passed the hold short line. When this happens it creates an incursion/conflict at the airport. When this happend I had to make another aircraft go around to avoid a possible collision. Please just make sure your aircraft does not pass this line until cleared by tower for takeoff.

Please take the time to view Infinite Flight’s Training Videos so you further understand how airport grounds work.
Time(5:45) where it is discussed https://youtu.be/8Q60vY3gJIk



Also here is another related post that shows everything about this airport. Thanks!


Yea on training server most people are still learning so that may happen a few times but what you did was right by telling the aircraft on final to go around


Similar to what was said above, yea great awareness!! That was a good call to avoid possible collision!


In addition to what was said above, ya people are still grasping the basic concepts of the runway markings…etc. I mean, tbh…they had the right idea. Just not exactly correct, lol!!


They did indeed have the right idea. That’s what training server is for. You live and learn as you go. They learn everything they need to know in training server or casual than they move on to the expert server which is for more experienced players. Like you said they had the right concept just not correct. But that’s why the community is here. We show and tell everything that you need to know.

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Loved everything about what you said!! This is why I love this game! The community is so friendly, helpful, and amazing!! I’m going to be honest, my knowledge in aviation has grown enormously because of the community…wether it was tutorials, interesting links, or even constructive criticism.


This is the best place to come if you are unaware or unsure about something. This community is respectful to anyone and everyone. And yes knowledge in aviation will grow enormously in each and everyone’s minds here! Aviation is topic that can last 100000 years and longer.

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