Hold short line doesn't exist

Yes I have searched and have not found another topic fitting this. I have posted this in “general” because it is not an IF fix but a question.
Where do you hold short when there is no hold short line?
IF mimics photo so this is not something that needs to be fixed. Yellow lines indicate hold shorts. The red arrow indicates no hold short from this direction. This is EGKK Gatwick airport runway 26 R.

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Could you elaborate more?

26R doesn’t “exist” at EGKK normally. It is used as a taxiway. That’s why at Gatwick, there’s no hold short line for 26R

I would guess that you decide your own safe distance

Sorry. Wrong photo was uploaded. The yellow lines are just below the hold short. Aircraft coming from the direction of the arrow to 26R don’t have hold short.

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All clear.
So, if you watch the airport diagram, then you see that a plane coming from that direction has already trespassed an hold short line (moving to the runway), or is pending (moving to gate).
Btw, I can’t answer you why there is a whole taxiway after the hold short line

The photo doesn’t do it justice. If you go to Google maps and search Gatewick Airport you will see what I mean. There is a hold short line to the right of the photo but that is at the next set of gates. The section of gates to the immediate right of the two lines you do see have no hold marker before runway.

If you look closely you see there are only lights and no line

Where do you stop At an intersection if there is no stop sign or white line? Catch my drift? Lol

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Bottom line is never enter the runway without permission. If there is a hold short line, stop there, otherwise just don’t enter the runway. Even if it is the extended part of the runway without runway markings, it is best to ask permission to cross or enter first.

The EGKK debate pops up like clockwork about every 45 days. In IF we will treat both as active runways until such time that the editors remove it as a runway. Our goal is to provide a service to the pilots and while it is not 100% realistic to real world procedures we also don’t want our pilots sitting on the ground for 45 minutes because we are using one runway on a FNF. I hope you understand.


This wasn’t a debate, at least from my end, but a mere question. So I’m guessing the answer to my question is it was a runway at some point, because I’ve never seen a taxiway with runway numbers, and the hold short line has been removed because it is no longer used as an active runway. I used Gatwick as an example and did not necessarily mean to focus on this particular airport but to get a general answer on to how to handle these types of situatuons should one occur somewhere else. Wasnt sure whether you request takeoff short of the runway or pushback and then request in situation like this. Don’t want to get ghosted for violating policies nor do I want to do something stupid and aggravate ATC.

I’m pretty sure only one runway is used and one is the primary one. However the other one that is used mainly as a taxi way is used when the other one is closed for maintenance or whatever. But I’m not 100% sure, what I do know is that the runways are too close to be used simultaneously in real life.

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So let me ask clearly another stupid question. In absence of a hold short line does the movement/non movement line act as the hold short such as in TNCM Princess Juliana near runway 10 or can you cross so long as you don’t enter runway? This is not a debate, just trying to clarify myself on what is expected on IF.

Thanks. That helps clarify what the deal is with that airport. That makes sense.

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Makes sense. Thanks.

Still a runway (not necessarily active)

Hold Shorts: T1, S1, R1, Q1, P1, N1, B1, A1, M1, W1

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Thanks for your response. I’m reading some of the Gatwick posts on it now. I did my search on missing hold short lines and did not specifically search Gatwick. It was a general question for me but reading some of the posts some people are definitely worked up over that whole no hold short line runway taxiway thing. Those photos make it much easier to understand.

You will never find the one answer for such a specific topic. „Missing“ Hold short lines are verry uncommon, and each case will have his owen history and procedure.

For Gatwick you have to know that they use 26R only as an backup runway in these days. And they do so for a while. In past view years they have rebuild the whole twy A area including the adjacent Apron. While 26R was just backup, and the part of the Westport Apron are not used in that case 26R is operational: Stands 140 to 145 have to be empty, or could not be left. Switch over time for runways ist 15min planed and much longer unplanned.
You wouldn’t find the same situation and reasons anywhere else.

If you find such specials somewhere it is worth a look in the airports documentary. Most of them are public access and could be found easily via google by searching ICAO code and AIP or Chart. Look for the AD2 part and you will get what needs to be known for an specific airport.

For AIP AD2 London Gatwick].
In the List with related chart you will find a special document: Taxiway Holding Points Chart this give exact the answer to your question for Gatwick.

Something similar will be found for each airport with special proceedings, not always as chart. Because those things couldn’t be answered in general each airport has his owen documentation. 🤨

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26R at EGKK is an emergency landing runway if not in use it’s mainly used as a taxiway for those aircraft based in the North Terminal and to allow those landing on 26L a taxiway into the South Terminal

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@JamieArscott have you read the answers that were already given?