Hold Short Airports

There are a number of small airports where IF will start you off at the end of a short runway for immediate takeoff. This is great for those who don’t want to spend time taxiing, but you have to take off right away. You can’t take the time to construct a flight plan or you will get a violation for dawdling on an active runway. A better solution for those who don’t want to spend time taxiing are airports such as CYHU (St. Hubert - Montreal) where IF will start you off at a Hold Short line. Here, you can take the time to create your flight plan, then pull onto the runway for immediate takeoff. I’ve come across a few other of these Hold Short airports, but didn’t make a note of them at the time. Can anyone suggest some other Hold Short airports?

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I’m pretty sure these are just the unedited airports


With time more and more of these will be gone. Make sure to apply for the editing team if you want to help editing it😉

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On some airports there will be ramps but it still starts you on the runway like BGTL but if there is no ramp or taxi ways just pull off to the side of the runway especially in a c130 but from what I’ve seen any airport that has commercial services will have taxiways and a terminal. The only time I haven’t seen this is in Fairbanks Alaska

Also, you should be making you’re flight plan before you pushback and taxi to the runway.

Honestly it’s the first thing you should do once you spawn in.

That’s correct. Especially the smaller, Unicom airports.

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Read the topic please. He is talking about those airports at which you spawn on the runway, so there’s no gate to pushback.


Be careful about the generalizations there. The team is constantly adding more and more GA airports, and it is now quite easy to find edited ones. Certain geographic regions are now completely edited, so spawning in at an uncontrolled field may just yield an edited airport.

Typically after edit we Remove all Hold Shorts. This is typically done for the benefit of ATC since if an airport were to be manned, having pilots spawn onto a Hold Short can create chaos.

Generally speaking

  • If you start at the end of a runway the airport has not been edited yet
  • Edited airports only have Hold Shorts located on military bases. This doesn’t mean that all military airports have Hold Short or Rapid Reaction positions.

If you want to know what has already been edited refer to my Google Drive maps.


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