Hold Position Upgrade: Reasoning and Time Estimations

Have you ever been told to hold position at an airport by ATC but were confused about the reason and/or duration? Then this feature request is for you!

As of now, we can only send a “hold position”, and nothing more. Therefore, I am proposing that ATC will have the option to provide a reason for why they are holding you on ground.

This will clarify a lot for the pilots and will help avoid congestion on the frequency from all the unnecessary duplicate messages. The proposed explanations that ATC will be able to select from are:

  • No Option
  • Nearby Traffic Interference
  • Airport Congestion *
  • Flow Control is in Effect *
  • Gate Hold is in Effect

If either flow control, or airport congestion are chosen, this will lead to an option to give a time estimate. These two are both ATC controlled methods to hold an aircraft at the gate, which they can predict and decide whilst the pilots can’t. Hence, I believe a time estimate would be suitable.

The controller will then be able to select from a few different estimates, which are: no option, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes. If a controller is unsure about the time estimate, they may select no option. If they are between two numbers, picking the larger one is preferred.

To the pilot, this will look something like:

“HB-AID, hold position, flow control is in effect to your destination airport, estimate wait: 15 minutes”

For any controllers who don’t wish to use this command, they will have the option to select “no option”, which will just send a generic hold position like what we have now.

To sum up, this feature request aims to upgrade our “Hold Position” command on the ground frequency, with the main goal of helping the pilot understand their situation by reducing any confusion or worry on their end.

Thanks for reading!

This would definitely be a great QoL update for all ATC controllers! Got my vote


I’d love to see this! Developers, take notes👏🏽

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This is a brilliant idea and certainly would save controllers from getting bombarded with numerous duplicate requests from some pilots that might be getting impatient due to not knowing what they are holding for.

Fantastic idea!


This would be a great addition for controllers! Will find a vote to clear :)


Fantastic idea, voted

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Good idea and needed, voted

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Nice idea. Voted :)

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Great idea, Aiden! Once I read the topic, I immediately voted for it :)


Great idea! Would stop so many duplicate requests for pushback. I sometimes feel bad b/c there is no way to tell pilots why they are just sitting there and I assume they often think we’ve forgotten about them.


Nice idea! It will certainly make pilots more understanding of certain delays and reduce duplicate messages.


This is definitely needed, especially for the community events


Nice! Voted

Amazing suggestion. Voted!