"Hold Origin" Option for ATC

Basically “Holding your origin” is to fly in a continuous pattern when the ATC says something like DL1162, hold your origin, airspace is cluttered or DL1162, due to weather, please hold your origin. This is what holding an origin, looks like.

This actually happened yesterday IRL at KJFK, when the weather was terrible yesterday in New York:

Any Blue aircraft, are arrivals. Any Green aircraft, are departures. Any Gray aircraft, are nearby flights.


Yeah that would be cool but no one would follow or know what it means on PG


They have Google right? ;) 😂

If a phraseology guide was added in-app then this would be good. Otherwise only a handful would obey it.


A lot of players on the PG don’t understand half of the ATC commands that are there now, that can’t really be a reason not to add it, I’m sure it would be beneficial to the advanced server :)

Its called a golding pattern, its often used.

It wouldn’t. They don’t listen on Advanced either if you don’t get them immediate takeoff/landing clearance or not straight vectors to the airport etc.

I guess, but those players are quickly filtered out. There would need to be some information on the app about this feature of it were to be added.

One for @StikLover2 :-P

Where to hold will be in the details in the airport charts (STARS). ATC will say ‘hold at (fix or VOR, eg LESTA)’, and you would find this in the airport STAR. ATC cannot just tell you to ‘hold where you are’.

I believe that I’ve been summoned. A hold button would certainly be useful in every aspect. :P

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People still don’t know what hold short is. Now HOLD ORIGIN…thats one small step for man…one giant LEAP for mankind… People need us to hold their hand across the runway…this would be good when people start actually knowing the ATC commands.

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And no leap for PG xD

For holding patterns to work, there should probably be a button on the UI that activates a standard holding pattern. I don’t think the average pilot on PG will know how to properly fly a pattern. I rarely fly PG and I don’t even know how to. It would take some reeducating!

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The alternative (I sometimes do this to lose altitude or find some natural spacing) is to fly 360s continuously, or a “figure-8” pattern of two 360s side by side. Works well for me, although this is pilot judgment which some pilots won’t do to save time, etc…

My algorithm has some drift (will be able to fix) but not bad for nearly 50mins of holding.



Much better now. 5nm legs. About 6 times around here, most overlapping perfectly after the first one to establish the track on the VOR. 5-8kt winds.


Might integrate this into LiveFlight Connect but I don’t think there will really be much use without it integrated directly into the app so ATC doesn’t get confused.


1hr, 9 loops. If I didn’t need to test this on the advanced server (only server where I can see the track), I would let it run longer. Anyway, seems to work.


Good thing my flight from TNCM was today!

Back on topic: This could be very useful on Advanced.

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Unable! :)
Can’t stop in mid air and just hover. :)


Yes! It’s confirmed!!! I’m so happy! :DDD