Hold a patten option for ATC


I think the devs should include a “hold a pattern” option for ATC. This could be used at busy airports like San Diego and Kahiulauhi in Hawaii. This would allow for planes on the ground to take off and planes above too wait until traffic is slightly lower to land, the system would consist of 2 180 degree turns around the airport on either side as descending to around 4000 AGL


Good idea Liam


Great Idea! :smiley:


Or perhaps the command to do a 360 left or right turn until told otherwise. That’s what military ATC make us do to give way to C-130s until they are on short final.


Its sounds great but if it were to be added, no one would know how to execute it. Its not very straight forward maneuver such as “extend downwind” or “make a left 360”.


Ezpz. Holding Points for all US Class B’s are depicted on the Approach Plates. Just transfer the data from the plate to the Map Page.
(A runway diagram would be nice and spot elevations would be helpful flying the muck along the coastal SoCal mountains)


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I’d like to revive this topic. What do you guys think? Seems like it would be a great help for most controllers.


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I think if there is an approach controller, he can do it…can make flights to go into hold by vectoring…maybe a command like " KLM XXX , you are in hold" to let the pilot know what is going on would be great too


Yeah it would be useful air airport like TFFR TNCM and KASE, don’t think it would cause problems. Maybe add a number 1 option for sequencing too.


While we are at it, we might as well start learning how to do holds(tear drop, parallel and direct to a fix, gps waypoint, and a ndb)


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Yup. Exactly. If you want to make this game as real life as possible you have to do specific entires, time your turns, turn stand rate, and if wind is thrown in there, good luck. You will have to add x amt to your turns, distance on one leg will be traveled faster than the other… And the list goes on. Most people who get this and will just do what they want.

It’s best to keep this game simple and fun. Just my two cents


Great idea here! I also think we need a more detailed tutorial in the game so people could understand all ATC instructions…