Hola Amigo! | 757-200 | KLAS - MMMX

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenido a mi publicación! Today was a bit of a flight to my ancestors. Most of my family are part Mexican and speak very fluent Spanish. The bulk of them grew up in the country of Honduras. They we’re all born and raised there. (FYI, they cook the best food ever! 😂) But we are taking a trip to the place where they call the party city… The good ole place of Mexico City! I have not been to Mexico City myself, but I do indeed want to go there one day. Enough of the family tree lessons, let me show you all this flight info. ¡Adelante amigos!

So, this isn’t one of my longest flights, but probably one of the most interesting I’ve done. I flew out of the party city of America, also known as Las Vegas, and flew all the way to Mexico City. Not a long flight (2 and a half hours) but the flight consisted of moderate turbulence, low visibility and bad weather. And that was during most of the flight. But hey, we got the plane on the ground safely. Whenever we got into Mexico City and when I got into Final, the wind was rapidly changing to 18 - 22 - 21, back down to 18 knots. Was a first for me in an online flight. Had to adapt to the changing winds, but the 757 really handled it well. I really enjoy flying the 757 too, because of how it flies. It isn’t to jittery during turbulence, engine spool is rapid, and the throttle control is easy.

Flight: KLAS - MMMX
Flight Time: 2:45 mins.
Plane: Boeing 757-200
Server: Expert

Oh hey, Air Force 1 👋🏼.

Take-Off, Runway 26R at Vegas 🛫.

Flying over the Nevada Canyons 🫡.

Entering Mexico City Airspace 📡.

Final on Runway 23L 🛬.

Taxi Back to parking 🕺🏻.

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great one! 👋🏼