HOGAN ATC Tracking (Closed)

Hello Everyone! My first time here. I’ll be at SAN and am looking for feedback. I’ll be around for 30 minutes or so. Very much appreciate it!

I’m back for another round! Thanks again to everyone.

Airport: SEA


Welcome to the community! I suggest you turn this into an ATC Tracking Thread, check out some examples across the forums! Also, make sure you’ve watched the ATC tutorials on Youtube. I’m coming down as APG14.

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@YOUNGBLOOD_428 Ominous welcome.

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I would first recommend this amazing tutorial.


Please, gain more knowledge on the forum yourself beforehand, The forum isn’t strict, there a rules to be followed by everyone.

Don’t go spreading mis-information.

And Welcome to The Infinite Flight Community @Robert_Hogan! Otherwise known as the IFC, unfortunately i won’t be able to fly with you today :(

If you are going to Be Controlling regularly then I suggest creating an ATC Tracking Thread where you can post when you are Open or Closed…

Here is an Example of an ATC Tracking Thread…

This is @Trio’s thread.

Notice how in the title They announce if it is Open or Closed? It would be much appreciated if you could do the same in your title so we don’t get confused…

Have a great day my friend, Im Open to any questions!


Thank you all for the warm welcome! Noted on the thread. I have watched a few of the videos but there’s some things that don’t make sense. I figure I could find a few people on the internet to tell me what I did wrong! Thanks for stopping by!

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Was this you’re first time doing this, because all things considered, you did a pretty good job. Here’s some problems I encountered:

  1. Not sure if you intended to say this, but when I came in for my first T&G, you told me to exit the runway. I’m sure it goes without saying, but if I call inbound for touch and goes, that means I won’t be planning to exit the runway.
  2. You called for me to exit the runway a little too early. Tell me to do so after I’ve touched down.
  3. Since you know I’m going in for T&G’s, you can go ahead and clear me for the option as soon as I reach my downwind leg. The earlier the better! (@Trio taught me that!)
  4. Definitely check the tutorials on Youtube, as well as some here on the forum. There’s a whole section dedicated to tutorials; use that section wisely!

I did call in a bit for a few approaches, so that was my bad. So like I said, all things considered, you did a great job!

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I saw the exit runway instruction. You can only give that instruction when the plane has touchdown on the runway and has slowed down to less than 60knts.
Also, when I asked for transition you asked for my intentions so I am assuming you did not understand my request. At KSAN you control surface to 2,500ft. When I ask for transition your response should be “transition approved at or above 2,500ft”. That simple.

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Welcome to The Thread!: Hello and welcome to the community! Before I give my feedback, I recommend you visit the ATC Manual under tutorials! We appreciate your post and there was alot of stuff that was missed but not as bad for your first Thread! We hope you can further educate yourself using tutorials and take constructive criticism to heart

My review: For one, you forgot to clear me for the option. You can’t sequence aircrafts in different order if you don’t clear them for landing. As the pilot, I shouldn’t have to announce I am inbound for touch and go all the time, simply clear me for the option… Second as I was half way down the downwind, you never sequenced me. Sequencing is crucial and don’t wait to do it last minute. As i was on final, instead of saying maintain slowest practical speed, simply tell the aircraft to either make a 360 for spacing or tell him to go around. You should know that a citation jet is obviously still gonna overpass a Cessna Caravan at slowest practical speed so you should resequence the aircraft in front of me not the back. When you cleared me for the option the first time, since you already cleared me for left traffic, you do not need to clear me for left traffic again since the pilot is remaining in the pattern… Watching some tutorials such as I have will further improve your ATC communication. Again, this is your first time so I don’t expect you to know this stuff so I will lay off lol. Anyways, watching tutorials and getting feedback from current members will further improve your ability, Best Regards, Ryan

Tutorials For You:

Hope you don’t take our advice to harshly as we welcome you to the community! There are a few guidelines for you at your discretion to learn, thanks again man, keep practicing, see ya in the skies,

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5 miles and 5,000 feet AGL has always been the standard for some time now. Call it the 5/5 rule for easy remembrance, as the whole three rings thing tends to confuse a lot of people.

Also, giving a transition at the airspace ceiling is pointless, as you’re effectively denying the transition in the first place. Unless you don’t want the aircraft flying though it… no bueno.

  1. Yes I realized his after i had called it but fixed the next time around.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Will do!

Thanks for the feedback. It’ll help the videos make more sense too.

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I was confused about the altitude and timing. Do I do that even if you are already in the airspace? Still a little confused on this one.

The aircraft should be requesting a transition prior to entering the airspace, the diameter of which extends to that first center ring (as a rough measurement).


I appreciate everyone taking the time to help out. Th harsher the better!

Noted on the touch and goes and sequencing.

I was trying to figure out what to do on final. I thought to extend you downwind but it was already too late, and not sure if that would even make sense? But noted for next time.

A transition is simply an aircraft flying through your airspace, not intending to land yet (simply surveying the area)

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I was not aware of that. I learned something and so did OP. That’s what the forum is for. Awesome.

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Hello Again! I am going to give it another shot tonight at SAN. Thanks again for everyone’s feedback and taking the time to stop by. See you soo!

Back again tonight at SAN for an hour or so. Thanks again to everyone for the feedback!

Back at SAN for an hour or so!

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Going to try out SEA. Probably 30 minutes or so. Thanks again!

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