Hobart Hop | A Hobart Flyout | 28% Full | Canceled


Hello Infinite Flight Community, I will be hosting a flyout at Hobart International Airport, the main international gateway of Tasmania. Hobart and Tasmania are truly unique and beautiful places with many unique creatures, such as the Tasmanian Devil and this flyout could give you a chance to explore this one of a kind Australian island.


Server: Expert

Airport: YMHB

Time: 2019-06-02T22:00:00Z

NOTAM: There will most likely not be ATC present at this event, which is why UNICOM use will be enforced. When pushing back or driving out of your gate please make sure to check for company traffic.


To request a gate, simply reply with your request gate and callsign.

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot Suggested Callsign
Gate 01 YSSY Qantas Boeing 717 @Luke_L QF1584
Gate 02 YPPH Virgin Australia 737 @den.aviation VA593
Gate 03 YPAD JetStar A320 @InfiniteFlightOne JQ680
Gate 04 YMML Tigerair A320 @Cwilliams21 TT502
Gate 05 YBBN Virgin Australia 737 - VA705

Qantas Freight operates the 737F from Hobart to Melbourne and Launceston, but since we do not have the 737F in Infinite Flight, the 737-700 in a generic livery will be the suitable supplement. There is also the option to have a special flight instead of the 2 that will be offered, this flight being to ZSNB using a generic 767 aircraft, more info on that below.


Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Cargo Apron 08B YMLT Qantas Freight (Generic) Boeing 737 - -
Cargo Apron 10 YMML Qantas Freight (Generic) Boeing 737 - -
General Aviation

CCX Capable

The stands below are capable of handling the Cessna Citation X, if you would like to use a smaller aircraft, feel free to take on of the smaller general aviation spots. Feel Free to choose your destination and callsign.

Stand Destination Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Remote Apron 21 - CCX - -
Remote Apron 22 - CCX - -


These stands are capable of holding prop aircraft such as the SR22 and TBM, feel free to choose your destination and callsign.

Stand Destination Aircraft Pilot Callsign
GA 01 - - - -
GA 02 - - - -
GA 03 - - - -
GA 04 - - - -
GA 05 - - - -

Airport information can be found at the following locations below:



Australia Air Services AIP

If you decide to join make sure to review all information above, thank you for participating. :)


I would love to join, sign me up! :D

Sure, what route would you like? Feel free to choose from the cargo, general aviation, or commercial routes in the drop down menus in the post.

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JETSTAR A320 YPAD, Please.

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Sure thing, enjoy your flight. :)

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I’ll take this gate please!!


Got you in, thanks for coming! :D

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Thanks for hosting! Can’t wait!

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May I have a flight in a QF 717 to YSSY please.

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Got you in, enjoy your flight.

Bumping this up a bit, a ways to go but only 2 commercial spots left.

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Can I have a Virgin 737 to brissy

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Sure thing, enjoy your flight. :)

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