HNL Flyout!

These pictures are from the Honolulu fly out which was hosted last weekend!
Edited with Adobe Lightroom

Flight Information!
Flight Time: 5h 10m
Cruising Altitude: FL310-FL330
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-900
Callsign: Alaska 808

  1. Pushback done and ready to taxi to 8R!

  2. Waiting for departure at a very busy Honolulu!

  3. Takeoff!

  4. Climbing to FL310 over Moloka’i, with Lana’i on the right and Maui on the back.

  5. Cruising!

  6. Descending towards Seattle

  7. On downwind for 16R

  8. On final and flying over Boeing Field!

  9. Touchdown!

  10. Arriving at the gate!

And last but not least…

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I like 10 because of the background and the gate very great pictures @ParagonDelta

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I like 4 because with the scenery and aircraft in front of the mountains, it looks really good. Nice pics!

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I liked 1 cause the angle of your plane with the others in the background looks so good. I loved all of them these are great pictures @ParagonDelta

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So many topics from my event and I love them all! ❤️


SHEEEEH! These all look soooo realistic! Superb Job on the shots!

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