HKNW ATC ( Nairobi, Wilson)

Come and practice pattern work at Nairobi, Wilson (HKNW). This airport is mainly used by light and medium category aircraft, it has two runways 14/32 and 07/25 which intersect. The unique thing about this airport is it uses a non standard traffic pattern, that is turns in the curcuit are made to the right instead of to the left. This is for both runways. On 07 take off maintain runway heading then turn 120 for cross wind 245 for downwind 330 for base then back to 070. For runway 14 fly runway heading then 245 for cross wind downwind 330 base 060 then 140 for final.

Tower will be active from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs UTC every Sunday 2022.

Welcome all General aviation lovers

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Hey there,

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