HKJK HKNW ATC Tracking Thread at Sunday 14th Oct 1200 Zulu - 1300 Zulu | | [CLOSED]

I’m a grade 4 IF Pilot and Real world pilot too, I would like to use some of my control skills and aviation knowledge to make the simulator a bit more realistic for you,
Ground and Tower.

Activity History:

Last Active on 10/10/18 Between 12:50 Z to 14:40 Z
Last Active on 14/ 10 /18 Between
12:00Z to 13:00 Z

Circuit Height or pattern altitude at 6500ft props 7500 jets
Departing RWY 06
Landing RWY 06
Pattern Work Allowed
(Right traffic) to avoid military HKRE

Departing RWY 07 / 14
Landing RWY 07
(Right traffic) to avoid military HKRE

Please try maintain speed below 250 knots within 25 Nautical miles of airport vicinity.
Holding altitude 9500ft
9500ft (11 Nautical Miles out) for best Ils cone interception for RWY 06 ( HDG 053)

Use Remote apron J1 to J8
And Gate 4 to 14

Follow simple instructions below for a basic orientation of the pattern.

Maintain RUNWAY heading till 7000ft turn right HDG 135 crosswind, then make right in Downwind HDG 233. Wait for my call on to base. Base leg HDG 313 ( Configure for landing ) then on to Final HDG 053 make call.
Movement on ground without out ground control clearance is highly discouraged.

For Special requests Message me directly ( 10 minutes -15 minutes reply)


Hi mate. I flew there yesterday it a great airport to fly to at 5000+ feet it can be a bit of a challenge. No atc there tho when I landed. I’ve taken a screenshot and will use this next time cheers.

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Hey Athony,

Seems you already have an ATC Tracking Thread open. I will fix this one by formatting the title and you can announce here were you open or close a frequency. Please don’t create multiple ATC Threads. Use only this one by updating the title 😉


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Please keep an eye out for when I go live. HKJK is an interesting airport to climb out of and fly around it offers the challenge of high density altitude. Next time no worries

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